FULL SERVICE is a debut/inaugural experimental event that commences the collaboration between artists Kosuke Nagata (JP) and Piotr Bujak (PL). For this occasion, Nagata’s well known, sophisticated culinary practice will be supplemented and confronted with Bujak’s post-conceptual, quasi-punk DIY methodologies Being deeply rooted in the idea of Social Sculpture and based on cultural significance of devising a cuisine, this project will aim to demonstrate the critical potential of experimental culinary choreographies.

◉Summery(by Piotr Bujak)
Full Service was an initial and test collaborative project conceived, delivered, and directed by artists Piotr Bujak (PL) and Kosuka Nagata (JP) on February 26th, 2024, at the Art Space Koganei//Artful Action in Tokyo, Japan.
For this occasion, Nagata’s well known, sophisticated culinary practice was supplemented and confronted with Bujak’s post- conceptual, quasi-punk, DIY methodologies.

Being deeply rooted in the idea of Social Sculpture as well as in the cultural significance of devising cuisines, this project aimed to both demonstrate and analyze the critical potential of experimental culinary choreographies.

As the whole piece was based mostly on serving of the food, Kosuke was mainly in charge of the cooking, and Piotr was responsible for executing a performative act of feeding (literally carrying the meal with cutlery to the chosen participant’s mouth) the audience. Nagata had been examining the relationship between cook, utensil/s, and eater in a performance Eating Body which first took place in 2021. This overlapped with Piotr’s interest in collaboration and care through his ongoing works with his grandmother. Given Piotr’s cultural background and dietary restrictions, using seasonal Japanese ingredients, which is familiar to the Japanese audience, Kosuke prepared a vegan and gluten-free menu inspired by his Polish grandmother’s cooking and taste.

Full Service was was held in a semi-closed setting with just 6 invited participants; however, the feedback was so intense and affirmative, that encouraged authors to continue working in this framework on an ongoing basis, further expanding the scope of their art-research.

* the term service, used in a title, which has been chosen deliberately, shall refer equally to aid, help, rite of a church and time in military operation.
** to underscore an elusive and transient character of the piece, there has been only a very limited yet deliberate documentation left,

・assistance, support and devising alternative care methodologies. o choreographies of a service
・cross cultural culinary anthropologies


1990年愛知県生まれ。現在、神奈川を拠点に活動。社会制度やメディア技術、知覚システムといった人間が物事を認識する基礎となっている要素に着目し、あるものを他のものから区別するプロセスに伴う曖昧さについてあつかった作品を制作している。主な展覧会に『見るは触れる 日本の新進作家 vol.19』(東京都写真美術館、2022)、『Equilibres』(ANOMALY、2021)、『Eating Body』(元映画館、2021)、『イート』 (gallery αM、2020)、『トランスレーションズ展 −「わかりあえなさ」をわかりあおう』(21_21 DESIGN SIGHT、2020)、『FALSE SPACES 虚現空間』(トーキョーアーツアンドスペース本郷、2019)、『あいちトリエンナーレ2019:情の時代』(愛知県美術館、2019)、『オープンスペース2018:イン・トランジション』(NTTインターコミュニケーションセンター、2018)、『第10回恵比寿映像祭:インヴィジブル』(東京都写真美術館、2018)などがある。また、主なテキストとして「Photoshop以降の写真作品:「写真装置」のソフトウェアについて」(『インスタグラムと現代視覚文化論』所収、2018)など。

ピョトル・ブヤク|Piotr Bujak
1982年生まれ。東京とクラクフ在住。映像、インスタレーション、立体、テキストなど多様な技法を用いて制作を行う。アクティビストでもある。ヤン・マテイコ美術アカデミー(クラクフ、ポーランド)とサンフランシスコ・アート・インスティチュート卒業。対抗的パンク文化、ミニマリズム、コンセプチュアリズム、ネオ・アヴァンギャルド、批評的言説に関心をもつ。「低予算、素早く雑に、DIYで、打って走る(Low Budget, Quick and Dirty, Do It Yourself and Hit and Run)」を戦略としつつ、新自由主義の病理、暴力、同一性、文化や政治領域と関連する作品を制作している。